A Better Way To Record Video

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the magnets damage my phone?

Answer: During our extensive testing, we have not encountered any damage to the phones. Other companies have been using magnets to hold phones or to dock and recharge them without reported damage. We have read that magnets may cause some interference while using a compass but have not experienced it on our phones. Some android phones have a feature designed for a special case that will cause the phone to “go to sleep” if the magnets are placed in certain location. If your phone does this, see our video: Getting around S view feature on Android.

2. How long will my battery last?

Answer: Battery life will vary depending on brand and age of phone. We recommend buying an auxiliary battery. With an auxiliary battery, you can continue to record video while charging allowing you to record video all day.

3. Doesn’t video use a lot of memory?

Answer: Traditional video will use a considerable amount of memory. This is why Total Recall has Loop Recording Mode. In Loop mode, video that is not recalled and saved as an event clip is automatically overwritten. By just saving the highlights of your video, you should have enough memory to record all day.

4. I want to record a wedding and keep all of it, can I do that?

Answer: Absolutely. Just turn Loop Recording off and the app will keep the whole video as well as any events you have recalled. Just make sure you have enough memory. To check memory status on iphone: Go to Settings > General > About

5. How do I know what I’m recording?

Answer: Open the app, place it in cap mount and look directly at an object for about 5 seconds. Review video to see what it was recording. Adjust mount as necessary. It is important to do this before each recording session especially if zoom is used. See video: Adjusting the Mount.

6. How long do the magnets last?

Answer: According to the manufacturer, the magnets will last 400 years. There are a couple things to be aware of. 1. Extreme heat, in excess of 150 degrees Fahrenheit will demagnetize them. 2. Magnets are very hard and brittle. Impact with hard objects can break them or cause them to chip.

7. How strong are the magnets?

Answer: We use the strongest Neodymium magnets available. 2 magnets that are placed between the phone and the case are rated by the manufacturer to have a pull force of 2 pounds each. There are 2 magnets in the mount that are rated at 24 pounds of pull each. So the combined pull is over 50 pounds to hold your phone securely. Twisting the phone 45 to 90 degrees, breaks this bond to make removal from the mount easy.

8. How much does it weigh?

Answer: The cap, the mount and an iphone 5 in a case weighs 11 ounces. The average hard hat weighs 14 ounces. This weight is centered on the top of your head so it is balanced, not in front or on the side like some action cams. This eliminates the muscle fatigue in the neck caused by having a weight pulling your head forward or to the side.